Organic Silage Secures First Prize!


It was a successful day at this year’s AgriScot event for one SOPA certified organic business this week as they secured top spot in the silage competition. 

Sponsored by Watson Seeds, the AgriScot Silage Competition is split into three classes: First Cut Clamp Silage, Big Bale (any grass cut) and Young Farmer (first or second cut clamp silage). 

Taking first place in the Big Bale class with their organic silage were SOPA members Martyn and Sheila Bergius from Over Langshaw, Galashiels.


The judging was carried out in three stages. Following a chemical analysis of all the entries, judges were able to establish the top five entries from each class who were then judged on fresh samples.

Over Langshaw’s prize winning silage was cut on the 9th August 2016 and the official chemical analysis showed Metabolisable Energy (ME) of 11.4, Crude Protein (CP) of 15.8 and Dry Matter of 35.2.


This year’s competition judge was Hugh McLymont who is the Farm Manager at Crichton Royal Farm, Dumfries. The top prize for each class was 10 acres of any Watson Seeds Castle Mixture.

Over Langshaw is a family run dairy farm in the Scottish Borders. The farm was converted to organic methods in 2000 as they felt there had to be a more sustainable way of farming; one that didn’t use artificial fertilisers and herbicides.

 The farm sits at around 800ft above sea level and relies on clover-rich grass swards and a balanced rotation of livestock and crops. As well as the organic dairy cows, the family have Columbian Black Tail egg laying hens and Lleyn sheep.


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