Organic Cereal Market Update – November 2016

Independent grain merchant W N Lindsay have given us an organic cereal update this month, which we thought would be a useful blog for a number of our producers and other Organic farms and businesses.

W N Lindsay is Scotland’s pre-eminent grain merchant, and have been following their key principles of trust, honesty and openness for over 150 years. They offer knowledgeable advice and practical help for farmers and growers, as well as storage and drying and expertise in feed marketing.

Organic cereals and pulses have been trading at very healthy levels above their conventional counterparts.  Premiums of £100/t and above, have been the norm since this year’s harvest, it’s great to see that the demand is still there.

Thanks to the UK’s Organic auditing and certification bodies, such as SOPA partnered with OF&G (Scotland), as an industry we are reaping the benefits of guaranteed traceability and authenticity.

 The strength of the Organic Standards and robust inspection processes have ensured that the top organic food and drink brands will not entertain some imported organic goods, as their credibility cannot be backed up by hard evidence. 

There is real evidence that the demand for organic produce is growing year on year, which is critical if we are to grow the level of supply with confidence.

 Consequently, WN Lindsay Ltd are able to offer forward contracts for harvest 2017 on all organic cereals and pulses, please feel free to enquire.

 It goes without saying that WN Lindsay Ltd are also very much in the market to buy organic crops from 2016 harvest, indeed we are seeing enquiries from Germany, Spain and Ireland, as well as south of the border.

If you have organic crops to sell or interest in forward contracts for next year please contact Roger Baird, Organic Manager;

Office Tel: 01875852151 – Mobile: 07976696264 – Email:


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