Organic Cattle Prices Boom in Scotland {PRESS RELEASE}

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Recent spring sale averages in Scotland have achieved some outstanding prices, and show a real boom in demand for organic cattle, something that the Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA) have been predicting since the beginning of the year.

Spring sales at Dumfries and Thainstone markets earlier last month saw some exceptional trade for organic cattle, a positive result for the organic industry in Scotland.

The trade at Dumfries was at a record high at their organic spring sale on the 17th of April. Organic store bullocks averaged 282.4 p/kg, whilst organic store heifers averaged 242.3p/kg. Gross prices increased by £221.42 on the year with demand significantly outstripping supply.

Thainstone’s spring sale was a success too. Held on the 22nd of April, organic bullocks averaged between 314.3p and 348.5p per kg, an increase of 72.3p on the year, whilst organic heifers averaged between 288.8p and 324p per kg, an increase of +66p on the year.

With the prime organic beef price currently achieving 480p per kg (deadweight) organic beef finishers are clearly keen to secure supplies of store cattle.

The recent uplift in demand happily coincided with Great British Beef Week (23rd April – 1st May), an annual event that takes place each year to raise awareness of the quality and versatility of assured British beef, and give the industry a much-needed boost.

Joanna Sinclair, Membership Support Officer at SOPA, had the following to say about the surge in demand:

“SOPA has been predicting a boom for organic cattle for several months. We know by speaking to our members and our trade contacts that there are not enough organically certified cattle in the supply chain and the growing consumer demand looks like this boom will continue indefinitely.”

She continued:

“This is good news for converting beef farmers who will be producing organic cattle to meet future demand. Certified organic farmers who are in the midst of spring calving are also feeling confident there is a likely future demand in the organic supply chain for their organic cattle.”


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