OTB launch new award to recognise outstanding contribution to organic


The Organic Trade Board (OTB) have launched a new award to recognise the outstanding contribution of an individual to the UK organic sector. The Oak Award is a brilliant way to say thank you to those who work so hard within our industry.

This year, the winner will be chosen by a panel made up of the OTB strategy committee and the trustees of the Organic Research Centre. Nominations and views will be sought from the whole of the organic community.

Simply being nominated for the award demonstrates the appreciation of the community for outstanding contribution an individual has made. The Oak Award aims to celebrate the unsung organic heroes. It is a recognition of the value and esteem their friends, colleagues and family hold them in, for the incredible work they are engaged in every day.

It is also a chance to share and to celebrate the work of the sector as a whole, while the exclusive nature of this single annual award emphasises the huge importance that one individual can make.

Anyone can be nominated to receive the Oak Award if:

·        They are UK based
·        Their work is a beacon of excellence and innovation
·        Their work is or has the potential to be of national significance

This award will recognise an individual working in research, farming, manufacturing, supply chain, retail or in a community initiative to name just a few. Whether their contribution was in the past or for the future development of the sector, we want to spread the net as wide as possible.

The Oak Award is now open for entries! Head to the OTB website to find out more and nominate.


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