SOPA Board Member Q&A – Gordon Whiteford, Highland Eggs

Gordon Whiteford with wife June and their son, who has grown a bit since this picture was taken!

Name: Gordon Whiteford

Age: 38

What is your business called? Highland Eggs (Scotland) Ltd / Lower Mill of Tynet partnership

Where are you based? Moray

What products/services do you offer? Eggs, beef, lamb, cereal

Who are your customers? Varies from direct selling (hotels, cafes, bakeries) to wholesale

How many employees? 2

When was your business formed? 2005

Why did you take the plunge to organic? Premium and ethical

How long have you been a SOPA member? Since 2013

What were you doing before you took the plunge? Organic eggs since 2005, new entrant to farm

What was your worst moment? Storm damage

What do you enjoy most about your organic business? Seeing improvements in the soil health

What are the difficulties in running your organic business? High feed costs for poultry, you need a premium on the eggs to make it work, whereas cattle and sheep can survive on grass

What is your biggest bugbear? Blinkered attitude towards organic from some farmers

What single thing would help the most? Being a tenant farmer, borrowing money is always a challenge, and can be more expensive than had we had security to offer lenders

What is your top tip for someone new to the organic sector? Be open minded and surround yourself with like minded people as mentors

Tell us an interesting fact about you or your business that now many people will know: I invested my hard earned paper round money into ostrich farming when I was 15, it didn’t end well!

How do you relax? Watching TV – but it doesn’t happen much!

You can find Gordon and the Highland Eggs team on social media using the links below.

Twitter: @HighlandEggs

Facebook: Lower Mill of Tynet Farm

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