SOPA Board Member Q&A – Roger Baird, WN Lindsay Ltd

SOPA Director and W.N.Lindsays Grain Merchants

Name: Roger Baird

Age: 59

What is your business called? WN Lindsay Ltd

Where are you based? Several sites along the length of the East coast of Scotland

What products/services do you offer? All merchanting of organic arable produce and supply or organic inputs

Who are your customers? Organic farmers, Scottish aquaculture industry, oat millers, distillers, brewers and malters

How many employees? 50

When was your business formed? 1864

How long have you been a SOPA member? 12 years

What were you doing before you took the plunge? Conventional grain trading

What was your biggest break? Learning about organics

What was your worst moment? Rejection of UK organic material for contamination in Belgium

What do you enjoy most about your organic business? Seeing mixed conventional and organic enterprises sharing methodology

What are the difficulties in running your organic business? Lack of volume

What is your biggest bugbear? Imported organic materials that do not have a fraction of the authenticity of UK organic production

What single thing would most help? An appreciation of how sustainable organic farming is and once that is understood, a seismic shift in OK organic demand

What is your top tip for someone new to the organic sector? Grow what is in demand

Tell us an interesting fact about you or your business that not many people will know: We are the biggest grain merchant in Scotland with 360k tonnes of storage and the largest tonnage of grain handled

How do you relax? Golf and cycling

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